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Product sales are the foundation of a great photography business. Elevate your sales sessions and stay organized with the help of our WHCC Studio iPad app.

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Slideshows & Image Review

Create an experience for your client when you sit with them and reveal their images. Present a slideshow using a projector or Smart TV, then guide them through each image to rate and review their favorites.

Design Wall Collages

Make product design personal by using an image of your client’s home as the canvas to create completely custom wall collages. Drag and drop WHCC products in true scale to provide a show stopping preview of how your work will live in your clients life.


Easy Ordering

Order a complete wall of products directly from the app, and keep your client up to date with previews of wall collage designs and full order summaries. Share these details through email, text, AirDrop, and more.

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Studio and the accompanying Studio iPad app are completely free and easy to use.

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The Studio iPad app is the perfect tool for running your sales session and is available for download in the iPad App Store.

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Use the iPad app for your sales session and access all of the other great design features within Studio.