Full Command Of Your Card Sales

With a Project in Studio you can create, share, and sell cards, allowing you to curate every part of your process. From the first photo you take to the last envelope your client stamps, you can make the experience memorable.

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Business Branding

Display your logo and brand color across every element of studio including your card shop, order summaries, and emails.

Approval Workflow

Include your client in the creative process by inviting them select, revise, and review card designs, then approve them for ordering.

Stripe + Secure Checkout

Let us handle checkout securely online. Set your price markup and available paper selections so that your client can submit and pay themselves.

When it comes to card sales, I want to be…

The Pilot
A Creative Partner
The Agent

Curate your client’s Holiday Card Experience

  • Deliver clean and beautiful proofs of personalized card designs
  • Share a gallery of your clients images
  • Handle order revision and payment in your preferred way
Be the Pilot

Invite your client to join the creative process

  • Curate a selection of cards that match your clients style
  • Personalize your favorite designs to give client a head start
  • Let your client handle content revisions and mark the final design as approved
Be the Partner

Make Card Shopping Easy and Fun

  • Share a gallery of images and a collection of cards in five clicks or less
  • Empower your client with customizable designs and fast checkout
  • Stay front of mind with all your clients during this busy season
Be the Agent

Card Design

Enjoy Free and Easily Customizable Card Designs

With thousands of possible combinations, you can create a card that is truly unique. Browse our library of free designs and use the drag & drop card editor to customize the shape, layout, foil, color, envelope and more!

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Add shine and glamour with Foil Pressed card designs in 6 exciting colors. Explore card designs with multiple foils to find the perfect fit.


Preview envelope styles, colors, and printing options to match any card design. Save your clients time and stress with Return Address Printing.


Add elegance and character to cards with amazing ornate, curved, scalloped, and uniquely geometric shapes.

Reach New

Personalize cards with your Business Name and reach new clients. Every card exchanged is an opportunity for someone new to fall in love with your images.

What’s Stopping You?

Whether you are new to card sales or a seasoned pro, Studio has something to offer. Schedule a demo to learn how easy life can be.

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Custom Card Collections

Make Curated Collections of Card Designs For Clients

You can cater to every clients preferences and style by making custom Collections of cards just for them. Give your client a one of a kind experience by sending them a selection that is just right for them.

Create a Collection
Hover over colors to see branded elements change.

Make It Your Own

Tailor Studio to Reflect Your Brand

Ensure that your clients experience is consistent and familiar.

  • Add your logo and brand color
  • Include your business name on every card design
  • Drop Ship orders without any WHCC branding.
Setup Your Branding

Getting Started Guides

Ready to Get Started?

Everything Starts With A Project

Projects give you the ability to upload a set of images and use them for a multitude of products. You can save designs, place orders, and keep everything organized in one place. Make your first project and start exploring today.

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