Metal Prints

Metal Prints

A Stunning Visual that Lasts

The brilliance of our Metal Prints is unparalleled! Using an innovative dye sublimation process, your custom images are printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish. Our Metal Prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can. Your most captivating shots take on life-like depth and dimension for an impressive display that stands the test of time.

Your Custom Artwork Takes Center Stage in any Setting

Metal Prints give your home décor an ultra-modern feel. Brighten up any workspace with sleek, stylish, contemporary art. Create breathtaking scenes in a studio or gallery space. No matter where they are displayed, Metal Prints will steal the show!

Display one Metal Print for a dramatic stand-alone statement. Group any amount together for an attention-grabbing wall collage. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 4x6" to 40x60" for endless display possibilities. Can’t find your size? We are happy to accommodate your needs with custom options and quotes. Please contact customer service to get started.

Printing Surfaces

  • White Base with High Gloss Finish

    Your images pop with rich colors and details. Our most popular option.

    The white base allows your image to pop with rich colors and details. With a glossy finish for added vibrancy, this is our most popular surface option.
  • White Base with Semi-Gloss Finish

    Rich colors with a slightly reflective finish.

    This surface provides rich colors and dynamic contrast with a slightly reflective finish for the perfect amount of shine.
  • White Base with Matte Finish

    Opaque appearance with minimal glare.

    With the same color saturation and image clarity as all white base prints, this surface has a matte finish that gives an opaque appearance with minimal glare.
  • Clear Base with High Gloss Finish

    The brushed metal texture shows through your image for a distinctive look.

    The clear base allows the brushed metal texture to show through on the white or light colored areas of an image, creating a distinctive look with a reflective finish.
  • Clear Base with Matte Finish

    The brushed metal texture with minimal glare.

    Your images with minimal glare and a brushed metal texture that shows through on the white or light colored areas.
  • Custom Sizes Available

    Need a size you don’t see listed? Contact us for a quote.

Get a Closer Look

View the beautiful sheen of a Metal Print with a white base and high-gloss finish.

Customize Your Metal Print

Five Dynamic Finishes to Reflect your Style

White Base Metal Prints take your bright, vivid colors to the next level. The White with High Gloss has a luminous base with a reflective finish. Our most popular Metal product; everything looks great on this sleek surface. We recommend nature shots like landscapes, water, flowers, and animals. You can also choose White with Semi-Gloss for a slightly reflective finish that shows rich colors and pairs well with all types of photography. White with Matte Finish offers the same vibrancy without the reflective shine. White with Matte is also opaque and makes your colors pop. Portraits and wedding images look amazing on this smooth, satiny surface. Whether Glossy or Matte, our White Base is the best way achieve vibrant skin tones on metal.

Clear Base Metal Prints show the raw brushed metal through your image. White or light colored areas of your image will allow the bushed metal texture to show through more clearly than the dark colored areas. Clear with High Gloss Finish has the same shiny, reflective quality as the white, but with a more metallic, translucent look. Clear with Matte Finish offers the same metallic look, but is non-reflective. Clear Metal Prints have a fresh, edgy feel to them. They make more industrial subjects like cars, motorcycles, and cityscapes look incredible.

Get the Hang of it

We offer several easy hanging options that enhance the look of your Metal Prints.

Choose an Inset Metal Frame or Float Mount for a modern unframed look. The Inset Metal Frame and the Float Mount are our most durable backing options that we highly recommend for large Metal Prints. The Inset Metal Frame is black, 1 516" in depth, and available for Metal Prints that are sized 8x8" and larger.

Showcase your art by displaying it with sleek standoff metal posts in each corner for an impressive, contemporary finish. Remember to keep key imagery and text at least 2" away from the corners for Metal Prints with posts so we don’t drill into important parts of your picture.

Add a Metal Easel Back to display your small Metal Prints on a tabletop surface. The easel back option is available for Metal Prints up to sizes 10x10" and 8x12". A Magnet backing option is also available for Metal Print sizes up to 6x6".

  • Custom Sizes Available

    Need a size you don’t see listed? Contact us for a quote.

Mounting Options

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  • Custom Sizes Available

    Need a size you don’t see listed? Contact us for a quote.

Pricing Information

Metal Prints
Size Metal Print Only Metal Print with
Float Mount
Metal Print with
Inset Metal Frame
Metal Print with
Metal Posts
4x6* $12.00
5x5* 12.00
5x7* 16.00
5x10* 19.00
6x6* 16.00
8x8* 16.75 21.75 23.75 41.75
8x10* 19.00 24.00 27.00 44.00
8x12* 24.50 29.50 33.50 49.50
10x10* 26.00 31.00 35.00 52.00
10x13 33.00 38.00 43.00 58.00
10x15 37.00 42.00 48.00 62.00
10x20 43.00 53.00 57.00 68.00
10x30 80.75 90.75 99.75 105.75
11x14 36.50 41.50 47.50 61.50
11x17 44.00 54.00 57.00 69.00
12x12 29.25 34.25 40.25 54.25
12x18 51.00 61.00 65.00 76.00
12x24 58.50 68.50 75.50 83.50
15x30 108.00 123.00 127.00 143.00
16x16 52.00 62.00 63.00 77.00
16x20 64.00 74.00 78.00 89.00
16x24 85.00 95.00 101.00 110.00
18x24 96.00 111.00 115.00 131.00
20x20 88.00 98.00 104.00 123.00
20x24 99.00 114.00 118.00 134.00
20x30 120.00 135.00 142.00 155.00
20x40 190.00 210.00 218.00 225.00
20x60 289.00 327.00 328.00 324.00
24x24 135.00 150.00 156.00 170.00
24x30 159.00 179.00 184.00 194.00
24x36 195.00 220.00 223.00 230.00
24x48 253.00 290.00 288.00 288.00
30x30 202.50 227.50 230.50 237.50
30x40 249.00 279.00 283.00 284.00
30x45 318.50 361.50 355.50 353.50
30x50 323.50 371.50 362.50 358.50
30x60 399.00 455.00 443.00 434.00
36x36 307.50 349.50 342.50 342.50
36x48 418.00 460.00 472.00 453.00
40x40 363.50 414.50 402.50 398.50
40x50 435.00 486.00 474.00 470.00
40x60 505.00 560.00 558.00 540.00

*Also available as an easel back or magnet option. For easel back, add $5.95.
Magnet backing is for avaiable sizes 6x6" and smaller, add $5.00.

Can't find your size? We are happy to accommodate your needs with custom options and quotes. Please contact customer service to get started.