Wood Boxes

Wood Box

A Natural Beauty

Create a beautiful, natural presentation by providing Proofs, Photographic Prints mounted or matted, or a Wood USB Drive in a custom Wood Box. Our Wood Boxes are built to perfection and allow you to print on the lid or engrave it from edge to edge. The beauty of the grain comes through the lighter colors of your printed image giving it a beautiful warm finish. Available in wallet, 4x6" and 5x7" sizes.

What to Include

Our 4x6" and 5x7" Wood Boxes come in 2 depths available to hold up to 200 and 350 loose proofs, or up to 20 and 35 mounted prints. Photographic Prints, mounted or matted, can be ordered along with your Wood Box. Choose your Photographic Prints to be mounted on 2mm black or white styrene, or choose any of our mat color options for complete matted print look. Mat color options include Double White, Double Black, Double Gray, White, Black, and Gray. Add a wood display stand and you have the perfect way to show off your finished prints! Choose from Lustre or Metallic Photographic Paper with optional textures or lustre coating. Papers can also be mixed and matched per order.

The Ultimate Wallet Box

Our smallest Wood Box is the perfect size to store up to 80 wallets yet small enough to create the perfect presentation for an engraved Wood USB drive.

Customize Your Wood Box

Print on the Lid

Personalize the slide-off lid with your favorite image or your studio branding. Your printed images will show off the beautiful wood grain appearance through it's lighter colors. Optional custom engraving is also available to further personalize your Wood Box. Choose from engraving the top of the lid from edge to edge instead of printing an image, or simply include your branding or special announcements on the back of the lid.

Add a False Bottom

Include a false bottom that works as another place to customize the area below your prints, or as a riser to separate the prints from a Wood USB Drive. The false bottom includes 2 notches for easy removal and can also be personally engraved. Include a Wood Display Stand to show off your favorite mounted photo prints or keep it hidden below the false bottom, in fact you can order as many display stands as you like!

Deliver with a Drive

Deliver files on a Wood USB Drive in any of our Wood Box sizes. Wood USB drives are available in 8GB and 16GB sizes. Each box ordered with a Wood USB drive includes crinkle paper filler to give your packaging that finishing touch. With custom engraving on one or both sides you can personalize one side for your client while including your branding on the other.

Ordering Information

ROES Ordering Guide

Find the Wood Boxes Catalog in ROES. Then select the tab with the size of Wood Box you’d like to order for example: Wallet, 4x6" or 5x7". You can also order Styrene Mounted Photo Prints or a Wood USB Drive in this catalog to go with your Wood Box. Don't forget to include any Wood Display Stands.

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

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Pricing Information

Wood Boxes
Wallet/USB Wood Box
Holds 80 Wallets or 1 Wood USB Drive
With Printed Lid $25.00
With Engraved Lid 28.00
Back of Lid Engraving add 5.00
4x6 Wood Box
Holds 200 Prints or 20 Mounted Prints
Printed Lid 42.50
Engraved Lid 47.50
4x6 Wood Box
Holds 350 Prints or 35 Mounted Prints
Printed Lid 47.50
Engraved Lid 52.50
5x7 Wood Box
Holds 200 Prints, 20 Mounted Prints or 12 Matted Prints
Printed Lid 47.50
Engraved Lid 52.50
5x7 Wood Box
Holds 350 Prints, 35 Mounted Prints or 22 Matted Prints
Printed Lid 52.50
Engraved Lid 57.50


Additional Options
Back of Lid Engraving $7.00
False Bottom* 3.00
False Bottom with Engraving 10.00
Wood Display Stands 1.00/ea
Wood USB 8GB 14.95
Wood USB 16GB 18.95
Wood USB Engraving  Add 3.50 for one side
5.00 for two sides

*False Bottoms not available for the wallet size Wood Boxes

Prints Mounted on 2mm White or Black Styrene
Print Size Lustre Metallic
4x6 $4.00 $4.15
5x7 6.00 6.23


Matted Prints*
Mat Size Lustre Metallic
5x7 $10.35 $10.58

*Matted Prints available for 5x7 Wood Boxes only